Orthostereograph viewer from the cottage



        This viewer is patented in 1904.  
  The slides measures 3 1/2 by 7 inches from edge to edge.
       The viewer lenses make it easier to obtain focus.  A partition prevents the right eye from
       seeing the left picture and
prevents the left eye from seeing the right picture.

       This viewer (and slides) can be loaned by any relative who asks.    Please inquire.          
        (Wouldn't this be a great 'Show and Tell'  for school ??)

       One of the best web sites I have seen regarding this subject provides more details.  
       If you want more information at this discovered site, please see:
Notes on Stereography   by
Bill Johns

       The original slides are numbered starting with 01.  The back of many slides include
       annotation.   The back side scans have the letter 'b' appended to the slide number.    
       Slide "00"  (and "00b") were recently created just for fun...
       Click on the following link to see the highest quality large sized slides :  

Large sized Orthostereographs    (For image detail and annotation.)

      If you want to see the slides in 3D,  first find out what size works for you
       (and your monitor settings.)       The slide images below are cropped to make width measurement
       simpler on your monitor.    Most individual's eyes are approximately 2  1/2 inches apart.  
       To view these slides in 3D, the width of each image (BOTH pictures) should not exceed 5 inches.
       (If you practice, you may be able to view these slides in 3D at a size up to perhaps  6.5 inches.)

       On your monitor, as the picture size is reduced, the picture loses detail, so for the best picture, I would
       suggest viewing the largest image size which is less than 5 inches wide.      
       [You could practice focusing on smaller sized images and then work up to larger sizes.]
        Note:  When attempting to view in 3D try to gaze into the distance.  
        (I may need more explanation, so please email me or visit the
Notes on Stereography web site if
        you have difficulty.)
       When you find a size that works for you, just click on the respective sized image to view the set.
        A new page opens up with all slides available by scrolling vertically.
       Once you gain focus on the respective sized page, just scroll the page down for each image.
       (Please let me know if  "Size 1" appears too large for your situation or "Size 9" appears too small.)


      Size 1    

      Size 2

      Size 3    

      Size 4    

      Size 5    

      Size 6    

      Size 7    

      Size 8    

      Size 9