Mirror to America: A History of New London N.H. 1900-1950  
James Duane Squires  
(Concord, NH: Evans Printing Co., 1952)

This book was given to Athelyn Gay Hale on her birthday, Aug. 13, 1952, from her Mom and Dad,
Villa & Charles R. E. Gay.   Uncle Don shared the same birthday and he also received a copy of
this book, which Pam Gay Lowe now has.

An insert (Tour of New London Alumnae Houses June 3, 1989), marked up pages, pages containing
our family information and other sample pages of this book are included here for reference only.    

    (Sept. 22, 2009 --  I plan to improve the contrast of these images to make the pencil annotations more apparent.  dHb )