Roberts Family Tree and Information 

Here is a link to an review at PC Magazine.,2817,2402367,00.asp
There may be many more reviews to get you an idea of what is all about.

As of  September 2012, the Roberts Family Tree has 1254 people, 513 images, and 11 stories existing on its site.  

has some of the Gay and Hale family images.


(By the way, if anyone is interested in making a family tree on line, there are many programs & websites to make it easier.   Of course, each solution has its limitations.  To find out the possibilities, simply 'Google' your choice of keywords and check the results.    If it seems difficult to begin a family tree, perhaps I could help.   Please, just email me.    Also, if it appears to be too much work for one person to do, there are ways that a 2 or more family relatives can jointly share the efforts of a family tree project.)