These documents are from "Bud" (Rowland) Wiggins.
[Bud is a cousin of Uncle Burt.]

July 2011

Concerning the view of the 3 cent U.S. Postal Service stamp of Corregidor , Phillipine Islands , 1944 :
   The view is looking south . On the right , at the "head-end" of the tadpole shape island , is the highest elevation , called "Topside" ; at center , is the area called "Middleside" ; and at center-left is the area called "Bottomside" ; with the Army Air Corps landing area called "Kindley Field" on the left near the "tail" . Fortifications located on Corregidor was called "Fort Mills" , home for the Coast Artillery Corps 12 inch and 14 inch anti-ship guns , and mortars .  Malinta tunnel system had been blasted out , 24 feet in diameter , through Malinta Mountain , which the narrow gage rail road could pass , in order to deliver ammunition and supplies to gun battries on "Topside".
 [  Note : One 14" gun could shoot a 1,660 pound projectile, pushed by 421 pounds of powder, and have a maximum range of 22,800 yards (just under 13 miles away) . The U.S. Navy World War 2 battleship Missouri is equipped with nine 16" guns and I have heard it explainded to me : "It is like shooting a Volkswagon Beatle and hitting a tennis court 15 miles away !"]
   The first island off the "tail", clockwise , is Caballo (Fort Hughs) . The second island , clockwise , off the "tail" is El- Fraile (Fort Drum) and looks like a battleship . The third island , clockwise , off the "tail" is Carabao (Fort Frank) . All four of the islands are just a portion of the crown of an extinct volcano's rim .
   My hope is that the younger generations of 2nd. Lt. Burt Charles Gay , of New London , N.H. , will always remember that : Freedom is not Free .
   [ Burt's Mother and my Mother were sisters .]
     Rowland K. "Bud" Wiggins
P.S. The exact day that our U.S.Forces took back the island of Corregidor , was the same day that Burt died , February 16 , 1945 , in Fukuoka # 3 P.O.W. Camp , Kyushu , Japan .


November  2011