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The biggest advantage for using these pages could be for those having a tablet (iPod, Andriod, Kindle Fire, ...) because tablets are extremely fast in rendering hundreds of images  - just by swiping a finger on the tablet's surface.  The former images were renamed to a 3 character filename but they appear almost identical.  (Most over sized files were reduced in size and the complete image set can fit on a CD.)    

To see the private George Hale image collection, please use the former private address or email me if you need the address.

Depending on your computer and your web browser you may be able to scroll down thru the images by various keys if you prefer not to use a mouse :
[Down Arrow]  [Page Down]  ...

Note- Only .jpg images are shown on these new pages. There is no firm plan to handle .TXT, .PDF, music, files etc., but perhaps just links would be added in these new pages in the future.

Note - The initial state of the image tags are based on the majority of the images for a given original image folder.
In addition, while a document tag
(~d) exists, there is no picture tag as of this date.   If an image does not have a document tag, it is considered a picture,
i.e. - All images associated with a document folder are all by default tagged as a document.  So for now, you may actually see some pictures within group of document images.  When time permits unique image tags can be added to override the default folder tags.   Future types of tags could include places, source_of_images, generations_of_people...    The date tags currently employed will resolve to at best a year's resolution, but could be lengthened to include months and days...

Some of these pages consist of several hundred pages, so most often you need to scroll down to see them all.   Computers will likely display these images slower than tablets.  If your browser has a problem displaying so many images on one page, please let me know the link name you selected, your browser type and its version, if possible.   There could be several solutions possible, including my building additional pages (by computer) with a limit of 50 images, etc.

If a family member would prefer faster access to these images by placing these files on their Mac or PC, please email me.  I could provide instructions how you could FTP a ZIP file from, possibly load them from my own Internet accessible network drive, or I could mail you a CD or DVD.

These updated images do not contain EXIF tags as I originally envisioned.  EXIF image tags can be taken advantage of in either a Mac or PC operating system.  If a family member realizes the potential of EXIF tags and / or wants to experiment with these images containing similar EXIF tags that are used here, let me know.  I could add a process to create the EXIF tags within the jpg files by computer control.  In fact, during the processing of these pictures, all existing EXIF information was removed from the digital photos.   So if anyone wants the original EXIF of digital pictures here we can correlate the new filename to the original path and original filename so the EXIF can be examined.  (See below.)

While large images were reduced in resolution and filenames were renamed to unique 3 character filenames (so that all images can be placed in one folder), the file dates remain unchanged.  The .jpg date would likely be either the date of a scan or in the case a digital photos the date the picture was taken.

The following information briefly explains how the website was rebuilt and the software programs that were utilized.  (Win 7 PC)

Flat - A "home grown" (dHb) 'C' image process program which works in a Windows Command Prompt environment.  Flat is compiled with gcc, a GNU Project program.
(It seems like there is not enough time to learn the platform independent Java.)
Flat converts a complex file structure of image files to a flat structure for simplicity and high speed image rendering. 
Flat reads a simple text script defining program control flags, source image file paths along with default folder tags, (future- image unique tags) and DOS script lines.
(Having a single file to define thousands of image tags makes it a simple mater to add (or modify) tag names !  Once done, all html files can be rebuilt in minutes.)
Flat optionally senses / documents the sizes of each image, copies it into a single destination folder with a new unique filename, creates one index.html file containing
an image heading text information (filename, tags, orig path code & filename...)   and image reference for all images.
Once the index.html file is built, Flat can sense and execute DOS & Linux command lines to produce tag based html files.
gow - GNU on Windows.  This is a set of  Linux (Unix) commands which can be run in a Windows Command Prompt.
The Linux commands 'grep' , 'sort' , 'wc', and 'cat' were used with the DOS 'echo' command to produce unique html files based on image tags.
The five commands search (filter) and sort (the original 4768) index.html lines while creating html link line text.
RIOT - Radical Image Optimization Tool.  In this case RIOT was used for batch EXIF tag removal.  (It has many other capabilities.)

IrfanView (V4.35) -  This was used for (SELECTIVE) JPG image file reduction.  
(This is the only program that I found that could easily batch process images by specifying a max long side in pixels and could be set to not enlarge smaller files.)

EXIFtool - A tool which can read and write EXIF tags into image files.  (EXIFtool would likely be my choice to use for writing EXIF tags by computer control.)


The following lines are part of the (Flat program) control script file.  All of these lines indicate a three letter image source path code, followed by the image source path.
The default tag(s) associated with all images of the folder appear to the right.   (If a picture heading includes "Z61", its original path was "ja\src\ruths".)
By the way, the tag "~v" was to be defined as various_dates (within a folder), but its usefulness is questionable and currently the build process does not search for it.

Z01 ancestry ~G
Z02 auto_routes ~1925 ~G ~H ~d
Z03 bracelet ~v ~H
Z04 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\all_pictures\cottage ~v ~G ~H
Z05 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\all_pictures\gay ~G
Z06 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\all_pictures\hale ~H
Z07 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\all_pictures\mom_dad_posters ~v ~H
Z08 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\all_pictures\uncle_burt ~G
Z09 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\all_pictures\uncle_lester ~H
Z10 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\non_pictures\ernie_pyle ~H ~d
Z11 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\non_pictures\gay\geneology ~G ~d
Z12 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\non_pictures\hale\geneology ~H ~d
Z13 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\non_pictures\hale\guest_books ~H ~d
Z14 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\non_pictures\uncle_burt ~G ~d
Z15 cd_dec_2005\original_scans\non_pictures\uncle_lester ~H ~d
Z16 christmas_book ~195_ ~F ~d
Z17 deb_t_pics ~G
Z18 Fish_albums_2011\1awards ~F ~PHa
Z19 Fish_albums_2011\1thru24 ~F ~PHa
Z20 Fish_albums_2011\2life ~F ~PHa
Z21 Fish_albums_2011\2wed ~F ~PHa
Z22 Fish_albums_2011\3awards ~F ~PHa
Z23 Fish_albums_2011\3sports ~F ~PHa
Z24 Fish_albums_2011\3thru5 ~F ~PHa
Z25 Fish_albums_2011\3years ~F ~PHa
Z26 fish_cd_dec_2006\cake_album ~v ~F ~PHa
Z27 fish_cd_dec_2006\f1_to_153 ~F
Z28 fish_cd_dec_2006\group_photos ~F ~PHa
Z29 fish_cd_dec_2006\marilyns ~v ~F
Z30 fish_cd_dec_2006\misc ~F
Z31 fish_cd_dec_2006\pam ~F
Z32 fish_cd_dec_2006\scotts_promotion ~2005 ~F
Z33 fish_cd_dec_2006\slides_ ~F
Z34 fish_cd_dec_2006\slides2\baseball ~F
Z35 fish_cd_dec_2006\slides2\joe_namath_camp ~F
Z36 fish_cd_dec_2006\slides2\litchfield ~F
Z37 fish_cd_dec_2006\slides2\walt_disney ~F
Z38 from_bud ~G
Z39 g\02 ~GH
Z40 g\03 ~GH
Z41 g\04 ~GH
Z42 g\05 ~GH
Z43 g\06 ~GH
Z44 g\07 ~GH
Z45 g\08 ~GH
Z46 g\09 ~GH
Z47 g\10 ~GH
Z48 g\20 ~GH
Z49 g\21 ~GH
Z50 g\22 ~GH
Z51 g\23 ~GH
Z52 g\24 ~GH
Z53 g\25 ~GH
Z54 g\26 ~GH
Z55 g\27 ~GH
Z56 g\28 ~GH
Z57 gramer_fish ~v ~F
Z58 hudson ~1922 ~H ~d
Z59 ja\src\gh01 ~1927 ~H ~GH
Z60 ja\src\peg_doris ~H
Z61 ja\src\ruths ~1964 ~H
Z62 jans ~H
Z63 May2010Vacation ~2010 ~F ~H
Z64 peters_article ~G
Z65 pics-from-tom2 ~H ~GH
Z66 post_cards\claremont_nh_area ~GHc
Z67 post_cards\connecticut ~GHc
Z68 post_cards\maine ~GHc
Z69 post_cards\massachusetts ~GHc
Z70 post_cards\new_hampshire ~GHc
Z71 post_cards\new_york ~GHc
Z72 post_cards\rhode_island ~GHc
Z73 post_cards\vermont ~GHc
Z74 scans_2012\a_g_hale_50th ~1958 ~H
Z75 scans_2012\burt_don_kay_bud ~194_ ~G
Z76 scans_2012\genealogy\gay ~G ~d
Z77 scans_2012\genealogy\hale ~H ~d
Z78 squires ~G ~H ~d
Z79 stereo ~G ~H ~d
Z80 susans ~H
Z81 s_k_wed ~2008 ~F
Z82 tintypes ~G
Z83 Toms-cropped ~H ~GH
Z84 _1941granite ~1941 ~G ~d
Z85 _apr_10_2010 ~2010 ~G ~H
Z86 _aug_8_2009 ~2009 ~G ~H
Z87 _george ~H ~GH
Z88 _george\sunapee-lake-q ~H ~GH