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The numbers beside the links below indicate the quantity of images.

Gay documents : 403 Gd
Gay undated photos : 162 Gpu
Gay photos sorted by date : 109 Gps
Hale documents : 517 Hd
Hale undated photos : 974 Hpu
Hale photos sorted by date : 320 Hps
George Hale photos (Some are low resolution or watermarked.) : 834 GH
George Hale photos 2 (2013 scans. Low resolution) : 359 GH2
George Hale private photos (Please open our G.H. private address.) : 646 GHp
George Hale New England area postcards : 181 GHc
George Hale albums from Tom Hale : 166 GTH
George Hale albums from Tom Hale cropped : 232 GTHc

Above each image is a 3 character filename(.jpg); ~tag(s); 3 character original path code; and original source filename(.jpg).
Image tags begin with the '~' character and presently include :
~F=Fish ~G=Gay ~H=Hale ~PHa=Pam_Hale_album ~GH=George_Hale ~GHc=George_Hale_postcard ~GHp=George_Hale_private
~GTH=George_Hale_via_Tom_Hale ~GTHc=George_Hale_via_Tom_Hale_cropped
~d=document ~2013=date of image. Sometimes underscores are used indicating uncertainty or a range of dates within a group of photos.

Gay undated photos :
000 ~G Z01 arthur_thomas_hale_and_his_sons

001 ~G Z01 athelyn_and_charles_gay

002 ~G Z01 charles_gay_1919

003 ~G Z01 charles_gay_1919_2

004 ~G Z01 charles_gay_and_athelyn

005 ~G Z01 charles_gay_and_boy_on_rock

006 ~G Z01 charlie_gay-_don_gay_r_dick_wiggins_l_indian_rock_hole

007 ~G Z01 family

008 ~G Z01 family_portrait

009 ~G Z01 gertrude_florence_blood_-_school_picture

00a ~G Z01 john_nelson-ellen-villa-callie-vdt-burt

00b ~G Z01 lucy_and_her_daughters_again

00c ~G Z01 lucy_legacy_blood_and_her_daughters_1918

00d ~G Z01 T204_Villa_and_who

00e ~G Z01 T207_Unknown

00f ~G Z01 T209_Villa_and_who_Else_3

00g ~G Z01 T210_Same_boy_as_209

00h ~G Z01 T211_Willow_Farm_1917

00i ~G Z01 T213_Girl_in_costume

00j ~G Z01 T214_Villa_and_who_maybe_Eulamai

00k ~G Z01 T216_Unknown_maybe_Charles_Gay

00l ~G Z01 T227_Maybe_Charles_Gay

00m ~G Z01 T300_2_Children_on_rock

00n ~G Z01 T301_3_Children_on_porch

00o ~G Z01 T302_4_women_in_woods

00p ~G Z01 T325_Unknown_Group

00q ~G Z01 van_burt_callie_villa_thompson_ca_1893

00r ~G Z01 villa_and_boy

00s ~G Z01 villa_and_charles_gay

00t ~G Z01 villa_thompson

00u ~G Z01 villa_thompson_gay

00v ~G Z01 villa_with_friend

00w ~G Z01 will_n_charles_g_villa_athelyn_unknown_maybe_john_n

02k ~v ~G ~H Z04 c01

02l ~v ~G ~H Z04 c02

02m ~v ~G ~H Z04 c03

02n ~v ~G ~H Z04 c04

02o ~v ~G ~H Z04 c05

02p ~v ~G ~H Z04 c06

02q ~v ~G ~H Z04 c07

02r ~v ~G ~H Z04 c08

02s ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca01

02t ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca02

02u ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca03

02v ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca04

02w ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca05

02x ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca06

02y ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca07

02z ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca08

030 ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca09

031 ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca10

032 ~v ~G ~H Z04 ca11

033 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cb01

034 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cb02

035 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cb03

036 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cb04

037 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cb05

038 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cb06

039 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cb07

03a ~v ~G ~H Z04 cb08

03b ~v ~G ~H Z04 cb09

03c ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg01

03d ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg02

03e ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg03

03f ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg04

03g ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg05

03h ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg06

03i ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg07

03j ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg08

03k ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg09

03l ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg10

03m ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg11

03n ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg12

03o ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg13

03p ~v ~G ~H Z04 cg14

03q ~v ~G ~H Z04 cs01

03r ~v ~G ~H Z04 cs02

03s ~v ~G ~H Z04 cs03

03t ~v ~G ~H Z04 cs04

03u ~v ~G ~H Z04 cw01

03v ~v ~G ~H Z04 cw02

03w ~v ~G ~H Z04 cw03

03x ~v ~G ~H Z04 cw04

03y ~v ~G ~H Z04 cw05

03z ~v ~G ~H Z04 cw06

040 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cw07

041 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cw08

042 ~v ~G ~H Z04 cw09

043 ~G Z05 001

044 ~G Z05 002

045 ~G Z05 003

046 ~G Z05 004

047 ~G Z05 005

048 ~G Z05 006

049 ~G Z05 007

04a ~G Z05 008

04b ~G Z05 009

04c ~G Z05 010

0cq ~G Z08 b001

0cr ~G Z08 b001b

0cs ~G Z08 b002

0ct ~G Z08 b003

0cu ~G Z08 b004_uncle_don

0cv ~G Z08 b005

0cw ~G Z08 b006

0cx ~G Z08 b007

0cy ~G Z08 b008

0cz ~G Z08 b009

0re ~G Z17 T008_Unknown_Boston_MA_1895_60

0rf ~G Z17 T021_Unknown_Exeter_NH_1895_30

0rg ~G Z17 T023_Abbie_and_2_Nephews_Portsmouth_NH_1893_22

0rh ~G Z17 T030_Unknown_Boston_MA_1895_25

0ri ~G Z17 T033_Unknown_Concord_NH_1885_20

0rj ~G Z17 T034_Unknown_Portsmouth_NH_1890_20

0rk ~G Z17 T036_Unknown_Unk_1885_60

0rl ~G Z17 T037_Unknown_Unk_1885_60

0rm ~G Z17 T040_Unknown_Boston_MA_1885_40

0rn ~G Z17 T041_Unknown_Concord_NH_1890_40

0ro ~G Z17 T042_Unknown_West_Winsted_CT_1885_4

0rp ~G Z17 T061_Unknown_Boston_MA_1890_Infant

0rq ~G Z17 T062_Unknown_Portsmouth_NH_1890_Infant

0rr ~G Z17 T086_Unknown_Andover_NH_1892_5

0rs ~G Z17 T095_Unknown_Claremont_NH_1885_40

0rt ~G Z17 T097_Unknown_Portsmouth_NH_1887_20

0ru ~G Z17 T098_Unknown_Boston_MA_1890_30

0rv ~G Z17 T107_Merry_Christmas_Girl_Salem_MA_1890_20

0rw ~G Z17 T111_Unknown_Chicago_IL_1895_50

0rx ~G Z17 T113_Dartmouth_Man_Hanover_NH_1890_20

0ry ~G Z17 T118_Maybe_Morey_Unk_1880_25

0rz ~G Z17 T119_Maybe_Morey_Unk_1880_27

0s0 ~G Z17 T121_Maybe_Morey_Unk_1880_16

0s1 ~G Z17 T122_Maybe_Morey_Unk_1890_25

0s2 ~G Z17 T124_Unknown_Unk_1882_25

0s3 ~G Z17 T125_Unknown_Unk_1880_23

0s4 ~G Z17 T126_Unknown_Unk_1882_50

0s5 ~G Z17 T127_Unknown_Unk_1896_50

0s6 ~G Z17 T128_Unknown_Manhattan_KS_1877_40

1f3 ~G Z38 04

1f4 ~G Z38 04a

1f5 ~G Z38 05

1f6 ~G Z38 06

1f7 ~G Z38 07

1f8 ~G Z38 08

1f9 ~G Z38 09

1fa ~G Z38 10

1fb ~G Z38 11

1fc ~G Z38 12

2bw ~G Z64 1

2bx ~G Z64 2

2by ~G Z64 3

2bz ~G Z64 4

2vn ~G Z82 tintype01

2vo ~G Z82 tintype0203

2vp ~G Z82 tintype0405

2vq ~G Z82 tintype0607

2vr ~G Z82 tintype0809

2vs ~G Z82 tintype1011

2vt ~G Z82 tintype1617

2vu ~G Z82 tintype1819

2vv ~G Z82 tintype2021

2vw ~G Z82 tintype2223

2vx ~G Z82 tintype2425

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