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The numbers beside the links below indicate the quantity of images. 

Gay documents : 403 Gd
Gay undated photos : 162 Gpu
Gay photos sorted by date : 109 Gps
Hale documents : 517 Hd
Hale undated photos : 974 Hpu
Hale photos sorted by date : 320 Hps
George Hale photos (Some are low resolution or watermarked.) : 834 GH
George Hale photos 2 (2013 scans. Low resolution) : 359 GH2
George Hale private photos (Please open our G.H. private address.) : 646 GHp
George Hale New England area postcards : 181 GHc
George Hale albums from Tom Hale : 166 GTH
George Hale albums from Tom Hale cropped : 232 GTHc

Above each image is a 3 character filename(.jpg); ~tag(s); 3 character original path code; and original source filename(.jpg).
Image tags begin with the '~' character and presently include :
~F=Fish ~G=Gay ~H=Hale ~PHa=Pam_Hale_album ~GH=George_Hale ~GHc=George_Hale_postcard ~GHp=George_Hale_private
~GTH=George_Hale_via_Tom_Hale ~GTHc=George_Hale_via_Tom_Hale_cropped
~d=document ~2013=date of image. Sometimes underscores are used indicating uncertainty or a range of dates within a group of photos.

Gay documents :
00x ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar000a

00y ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar000b

00z ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar001

010 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar002

011 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar003

012 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar004

013 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar005

014 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar006

015 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar007

016 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar008

017 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar009

018 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar010

019 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar011

01a ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar012

01b ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar013

01c ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar014

01d ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar015

01e ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar016

01f ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar017

01g ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar018

01h ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar019

01i ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar020

01j ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar021

01k ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar022

01l ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar023

01m ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar024

01n ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar025

01o ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar026

01p ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar027

01q ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar028

01r ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar029

01s ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar030

01t ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar031

01u ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar032

01v ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar033

01w ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar034

01x ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar035

01y ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar036

01z ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar037

020 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar038

021 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar039

022 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar040

023 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar041

024 ~1925 ~G ~H ~d Z02 ar042

0fm ~G ~d Z11 001a

0fn ~G ~d Z11 001b

0fo ~G ~d Z11 001c

0fp ~G ~d Z11 002a

0fq ~G ~d Z11 002b

0fr ~G ~d Z11 002c

0fs ~G ~d Z11 002d

0ft ~G ~d Z11 002e

0jo ~G ~d Z14 b101a

0jp ~G ~d Z14 b101b

0jq ~G ~d Z14 b101c

0jr ~G ~d Z14 b102a

0js ~G ~d Z14 b102b

0jt ~G ~d Z14 b104a

0ju ~G ~d Z14 b104b

0jv ~G ~d Z14 b104c

0jw ~G ~d Z14 b104d

0jx ~G ~d Z14 b106a

0jy ~G ~d Z14 b106b

0jz ~G ~d Z14 b106c

0k0 ~G ~d Z14 b106d

0k1 ~G ~d Z14 b106e

0k2 ~G ~d Z14 b106f

0k3 ~G ~d Z14 b106g

0k4 ~G ~d Z14 b106h

0k5 ~G ~d Z14 b106i

0k6 ~G ~d Z14 b106j

0k7 ~G ~d Z14 b106k

0k8 ~G ~d Z14 b106l

0k9 ~G ~d Z14 b106m

0ka ~G ~d Z14 b107a

0kb ~G ~d Z14 b107b

0kc ~G ~d Z14 b108a

0kd ~G ~d Z14 b108b

0ke ~G ~d Z14 b108c

0kf ~G ~d Z14 b108d

0kg ~G ~d Z14 b108e

0kh ~G ~d Z14 b108f

0ki ~G ~d Z14 b110a

0kj ~G ~d Z14 b110b

0kk ~G ~d Z14 b110c

0kl ~G ~d Z14 b111a

0km ~G ~d Z14 b111b

0kn ~G ~d Z14 b111c

0ko ~G ~d Z14 b111d

0kp ~G ~d Z14 b112a

0kq ~G ~d Z14 b112b

0kr ~G ~d Z14 b112c

0ks ~G ~d Z14 b112d

0kt ~G ~d Z14 b112e

0ku ~G ~d Z14 b112f

0kv ~G ~d Z14 b113a

0kw ~G ~d Z14 b113c

0kx ~G ~d Z14 b114a

0ky ~G ~d Z14 b114b

0kz ~G ~d Z14 b115a

0l0 ~G ~d Z14 b115b

0l1 ~G ~d Z14 b115c

0l2 ~G ~d Z14 b116a

0l3 ~G ~d Z14 b116b

0l4 ~G ~d Z14 b117

0l5 ~G ~d Z14 b118a

0l6 ~G ~d Z14 b118b

0l7 ~G ~d Z14 b119a

0l8 ~G ~d Z14 b119b

0l9 ~G ~d Z14 b120a

0la ~G ~d Z14 b120b

0lb ~G ~d Z14 b121a

0lc ~G ~d Z14 b121b

0ld ~G ~d Z14 b122a

0le ~G ~d Z14 b122b

0lf ~G ~d Z14 b122c

0lg ~G ~d Z14 b123a

0lh ~G ~d Z14 b123b

0li ~G ~d Z14 b124a

0lj ~G ~d Z14 b124b

0lk ~G ~d Z14 b124c

0ll ~G ~d Z14 b125

0lm ~G ~d Z14 b126

0ln ~G ~d Z14 b127a

0lo ~G ~d Z14 b127b

0lp ~G ~d Z14 b127c

0lq ~G ~d Z14 b127d

0lr ~G ~d Z14 b128a

0ls ~G ~d Z14 b128b

0lt ~G ~d Z14 b128c

0lu ~G ~d Z14 b128d

0lv ~G ~d Z14 b128e

0lw ~G ~d Z14 b128f

0lx ~G ~d Z14 b128g

0ly ~G ~d Z14 b128h

0lz ~G ~d Z14 b128i

0m0 ~G ~d Z14 b128j

0m1 ~G ~d Z14 b128k

0m2 ~G ~d Z14 b129a

0m3 ~G ~d Z14 b129b

0m4 ~G ~d Z14 b129c

0m5 ~G ~d Z14 b129d

0m6 ~G ~d Z14 b129e

0m7 ~G ~d Z14 b129f

0m8 ~G ~d Z14 b129g

0m9 ~G ~d Z14 b130a

0ma ~G ~d Z14 b130b

0mb ~G ~d Z14 b130c

0mc ~G ~d Z14 b130d

0md ~G ~d Z14 b131a

0me ~G ~d Z14 b131b

0mf ~G ~d Z14 b131c

0mg ~G ~d Z14 b132a

0mh ~G ~d Z14 b132b

0mi ~G ~d Z14 b132c

0mj ~G ~d Z14 b132d

0mk ~G ~d Z14 b133a

0ml ~G ~d Z14 b133b

0mm ~G ~d Z14 b134a

0mn ~G ~d Z14 b134b

0mo ~G ~d Z14 b135a

0mp ~G ~d Z14 b135b

0mq ~G ~d Z14 b136a

0mr ~G ~d Z14 b136b

0ms ~G ~d Z14 b137a

0mt ~G ~d Z14 b137b

0mu ~G ~d Z14 b138a

0mv ~G ~d Z14 b138b

0mw ~G ~d Z14 b138c

0mx ~G ~d Z14 b139a

0my ~G ~d Z14 b139b

0mz ~G ~d Z14 b140a

0n0 ~G ~d Z14 b140b

0n1 ~G ~d Z14 b140c

0n2 ~G ~d Z14 b144a

0n3 ~G ~d Z14 b144b

0n4 ~G ~d Z14 b144c

0n5 ~G ~d Z14 b144d

0n6 ~G ~d Z14 b144e

0n7 ~G ~d Z14 b144f

0n8 ~G ~d Z14 b146a

0n9 ~G ~d Z14 b146b

0na ~G ~d Z14 b146c

0nb ~G ~d Z14 b146d

0nc ~G ~d Z14 b146e

0nd ~G ~d Z14 b150a

0ne ~G ~d Z14 b150b

0nf ~G ~d Z14 b150c

0ng ~G ~d Z14 b150d

0nh ~G ~d Z14 b150e

0ni ~G ~d Z14 b150f

0nj ~G ~d Z14 b150g

0nk ~G ~d Z14 b150h

0nl ~G ~d Z14 b150i

0nm ~G ~d Z14 b150j

0nn ~G ~d Z14 b150k

0no ~G ~d Z14 b150l

0np ~G ~d Z14 b150m

0nq ~G ~d Z14 b150n

0nr ~G ~d Z14 b150n2

0ns ~G ~d Z14 b150o

0nt ~G ~d Z14 b150p

0nu ~G ~d Z14 b150q

0nv ~G ~d Z14 b150r

0nw ~G ~d Z14 b150s

0nx ~G ~d Z14 b150t

0ny ~G ~d Z14 b150u

0nz ~G ~d Z14 b150v

0o0 ~G ~d Z14 b150v2

0o1 ~G ~d Z14 b150za

0o2 ~G ~d Z14 b150zb

0o3 ~G ~d Z14 b150zc

0o4 ~G ~d Z14 b150zd

0o5 ~G ~d Z14 b150zd2

0o6 ~G ~d Z14 b150ze

0o7 ~G ~d Z14 b150zf

0o8 ~G ~d Z14 b150zg

0o9 ~G ~d Z14 b150zh1

0oa ~G ~d Z14 b150zh2

0ob ~G ~d Z14 b150zi1

0oc ~G ~d Z14 b150zi2

0od ~G ~d Z14 b150zi3

0oe ~G ~d Z14 b150zi4

0of ~G ~d Z14 b150zi5

0og ~G ~d Z14 b150zi6

0oh ~G ~d Z14 b150zi7

0oi ~G ~d Z14 b150zi8

0oj ~G ~d Z14 b150zi9

0ok ~G ~d Z14 b150zj1

0ol ~G ~d Z14 b150zj2

0om ~G ~d Z14 b150zj3

0on ~G ~d Z14 b150zj4

0oo ~G ~d Z14 b150zk1

0op ~G ~d Z14 b150zk2

0oq ~G ~d Z14 b150zl

0or ~G ~d Z14 b150zm

0os ~G ~d Z14 b150zn

0ot ~G ~d Z14 b150zn2

0ou ~G ~d Z14 b150zo

0ov ~G ~d Z14 b150zp1

0ow ~G ~d Z14 b150zp2

0ox ~G ~d Z14 b150zp3

0oy ~G ~d Z14 b150zp4

2mk ~G ~d Z76 01a

2ml ~G ~d Z76 01b

2mm ~G ~d Z76 02-1a

2mn ~G ~d Z76 02-1b

2mo ~G ~d Z76 02-1c

2mp ~G ~d Z76 02-2a

2mq ~G ~d Z76 02-2b

2mr ~G ~d Z76 02-2c

2ms ~G ~d Z76 03a

2mt ~G ~d Z76 03b

2mu ~G ~d Z76 04a

2mv ~G ~d Z76 04b

2mw ~G ~d Z76 04c

2mx ~G ~d Z76 04d

2my ~G ~d Z76 04e

2o3 ~G ~H ~d Z78 000b

2o4 ~G ~H ~d Z78 000c

2o5 ~G ~H ~d Z78 000d

2o6 ~G ~H ~d Z78 000e

2o7 ~G ~H ~d Z78 000f

2o8 ~G ~H ~d Z78 000g

2o9 ~G ~H ~d Z78 000h

2oa ~G ~H ~d Z78 000i

2ob ~G ~H ~d Z78 000j

2oc ~G ~H ~d Z78 000k

2od ~G ~H ~d Z78 000l

2oe ~G ~H ~d Z78 000m

2of ~G ~H ~d Z78 000n

2og ~G ~H ~d Z78 000o

2oh ~G ~H ~d Z78 015

2oi ~G ~H ~d Z78 078

2oj ~G ~H ~d Z78 080

2ok ~G ~H ~d Z78 084

2ol ~G ~H ~d Z78 087

2om ~G ~H ~d Z78 101

2on ~G ~H ~d Z78 118

2oo ~G ~H ~d Z78 119

2op ~G ~H ~d Z78 120b

2oq ~G ~H ~d Z78 127

2or ~G ~H ~d Z78 133

2os ~G ~H ~d Z78 152b

2ot ~G ~H ~d Z78 235

2ou ~G ~H ~d Z78 242

2ov ~G ~H ~d Z78 243

2ow ~G ~H ~d Z78 244

2ox ~G ~H ~d Z78 244i1

2oy ~G ~H ~d Z78 244i2

2oz ~G ~H ~d Z78 244i7

2p0 ~G ~H ~d Z78 247

2p1 ~G ~H ~d Z78 250

2p2 ~G ~H ~d Z78 267

2p3 ~G ~H ~d Z78 269

2p4 ~G ~H ~d Z78 273

2p5 ~G ~H ~d Z78 296d

2p6 ~G ~H ~d Z78 299

2p7 ~G ~H ~d Z78 308

2p8 ~G ~H ~d Z78 309

2p9 ~G ~H ~d Z78 316

2pa ~G ~H ~d Z78 345

2pb ~G ~H ~d Z78 346

2pc ~G ~H ~d Z78 347

2pd ~G ~H ~d Z78 353

2pe ~G ~H ~d Z78 391

2pf ~G ~H ~d Z78 392

2pg ~G ~H ~d Z78 393

2ph ~G ~H ~d Z78 394

2pi ~G ~H ~d Z78 440

2pj ~G ~H ~d Z78 475

2pk ~G ~H ~d Z78 476

2pl ~G ~H ~d Z78 491

2pm ~G ~H ~d Z78 498

2pn ~G ~H ~d Z78 499

2po ~G ~H ~d Z78 511

2pp ~G ~H ~d Z78 512

2pq ~G ~H ~d Z78 523

2pr ~G ~H ~d Z78 532

2ps ~G ~H ~d Z78 536

2pt ~G ~H ~d Z78 542

2pu ~G ~H ~d Z78 547

2pv ~G ~H ~d Z78 549

2pw ~G ~H ~d Z79 00

2px ~G ~H ~d Z79 00b

2py ~G ~H ~d Z79 01

2pz ~G ~H ~d Z79 01b

2q0 ~G ~H ~d Z79 02

2q1 ~G ~H ~d Z79 02b

2q2 ~G ~H ~d Z79 03

2q3 ~G ~H ~d Z79 03b

2q4 ~G ~H ~d Z79 04

2q5 ~G ~H ~d Z79 04b

2q6 ~G ~H ~d Z79 05

2q7 ~G ~H ~d Z79 05b

2q8 ~G ~H ~d Z79 06

2q9 ~G ~H ~d Z79 06b

2qa ~G ~H ~d Z79 07

2qb ~G ~H ~d Z79 07b

2qc ~G ~H ~d Z79 08

2qd ~G ~H ~d Z79 08b

2qe ~G ~H ~d Z79 09

2qf ~G ~H ~d Z79 09b

2qg ~G ~H ~d Z79 10

2qh ~G ~H ~d Z79 10b

2qi ~G ~H ~d Z79 11

2qj ~G ~H ~d Z79 11b

2qk ~G ~H ~d Z79 12

2ql ~G ~H ~d Z79 12b

2qm ~G ~H ~d Z79 13

2qn ~G ~H ~d Z79 13b

2qo ~G ~H ~d Z79 14

2qp ~G ~H ~d Z79 14b

2qq ~G ~H ~d Z79 15

2qr ~G ~H ~d Z79 15b

2qs ~G ~H ~d Z79 16

2qt ~G ~H ~d Z79 16b

2qu ~G ~H ~d Z79 17

2qv ~G ~H ~d Z79 17b

2qw ~G ~H ~d Z79 18

2qx ~G ~H ~d Z79 18b

2qy ~G ~H ~d Z79 19

2qz ~G ~H ~d Z79 19b

2r0 ~G ~H ~d Z79 20

2r1 ~G ~H ~d Z79 20b

2r2 ~G ~H ~d Z79 21

2r3 ~G ~H ~d Z79 21b

2r4 ~G ~H ~d Z79 22

2r5 ~G ~H ~d Z79 22b

2r6 ~G ~H ~d Z79 23

2r7 ~G ~H ~d Z79 23b

2r8 ~G ~H ~d Z79 24

2r9 ~G ~H ~d Z79 24b

2ra ~G ~H ~d Z79 25

2rb ~G ~H ~d Z79 25b

2rc ~G ~H ~d Z79 26

2rd ~G ~H ~d Z79 26b

2re ~G ~H ~d Z79 27

2rf ~G ~H ~d Z79 27b

2rg ~G ~H ~d Z79 28

2rh ~G ~H ~d Z79 28b

2ri ~G ~H ~d Z79 29

2rj ~G ~H ~d Z79 29b

2rk ~G ~H ~d Z79 30

2rl ~G ~H ~d Z79 30b

2rm ~G ~H ~d Z79 31

2rn ~G ~H ~d Z79 31b

2ro ~G ~H ~d Z79 32

2rp ~G ~H ~d Z79 32b

2rq ~G ~H ~d Z79 33

2rr ~G ~H ~d Z79 33b

2rs ~G ~H ~d Z79 34

2rt ~G ~H ~d Z79 34b

2ru ~G ~H ~d Z79 35

2rv ~G ~H ~d Z79 35b

32e ~1941 ~G ~d Z84 000a

32f ~1941 ~G ~d Z84 061

32g ~1941 ~G ~d Z84 092

32h ~1941 ~G ~d Z84 182

32i ~1941 ~G ~d Z84 183

32j ~1941 ~G ~d Z84 241

32k ~1941 ~G ~d Z84 259

32l ~1941 ~G ~d Z84 264

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