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The numbers beside the links below indicate the quantity of images.

Gay documents : 403 Gd
Gay undated photos : 162 Gpu
Gay photos sorted by date : 109 Gps
Hale documents : 517 Hd
Hale undated photos : 974 Hpu
Hale photos sorted by date : 320 Hps
George Hale photos (Some are low resolution or watermarked.) : 834 GH
George Hale photos 2 (2013 scans. Low resolution) : 359 GH2
George Hale private photos (Please open our G.H. private address.) : 646 GHp
George Hale New England area postcards : 181 GHc
George Hale albums from Tom Hale : 166 GTH
George Hale albums from Tom Hale cropped : 232 GTHc

Above each image is a 3 character filename(.jpg); ~tag(s); 3 character original path code; and original source filename(.jpg).
Image tags begin with the '~' character and presently include :
~F=Fish ~G=Gay ~H=Hale ~PHa=Pam_Hale_album ~GH=George_Hale ~GHc=George_Hale_postcard ~GHp=George_Hale_private
~GTH=George_Hale_via_Tom_Hale ~GTHc=George_Hale_via_Tom_Hale_cropped
~d=document ~2013=date of image. Sometimes underscores are used indicating uncertainty or a range of dates within a group of photos.

George Hale albums from Tom Hale cropped :
2vy ~H ~GTHc Z83 002_a

2vz ~H ~GTHc Z83 002_b

2w0 ~H ~GTHc Z83 002_c

2w1 ~H ~GTHc Z83 002_d

2w2 ~H ~GTHc Z83 002_e

2w3 ~H ~GTHc Z83 003_a

2w4 ~H ~GTHc Z83 003_b

2w5 ~H ~GTHc Z83 003_c

2w6 ~H ~GTHc Z83 004_a

2w7 ~H ~GTHc Z83 004_b

2w8 ~H ~GTHc Z83 004_c

2w9 ~H ~GTHc Z83 004_d

2wa ~H ~GTHc Z83 005b_a

2wb ~H ~GTHc Z83 005b_b

2wc ~H ~GTHc Z83 005b_b2

2wd ~H ~GTHc Z83 005b_c

2we ~H ~GTHc Z83 005_a

2wf ~H ~GTHc Z83 005_b

2wg ~H ~GTHc Z83 005_c

2wh ~H ~GTHc Z83 007a_a

2wi ~H ~GTHc Z83 007_a

2wj ~H ~GTHc Z83 007_b

2wk ~H ~GTHc Z83 008

2wl ~H ~GTHc Z83 009

2wm ~H ~GTHc Z83 010

2wn ~H ~GTHc Z83 011

2wo ~H ~GTHc Z83 012

2wp ~H ~GTHc Z83 013

2wq ~H ~GTHc Z83 015_a

2wr ~H ~GTHc Z83 015_b

2ws ~H ~GTHc Z83 015_c

2wt ~H ~GTHc Z83 015_d

2wu ~H ~GTHc Z83 016_a

2wv ~H ~GTHc Z83 016_b

2ww ~H ~GTHc Z83 016_c

2wx ~H ~GTHc Z83 016_d

2wy ~H ~GTHc Z83 016_e

2wz ~H ~GTHc Z83 017_a

2x0 ~H ~GTHc Z83 017_b

2x1 ~H ~GTHc Z83 017_c

2x2 ~H ~GTHc Z83 017_d

2x3 ~H ~GTHc Z83 018_a

2x4 ~H ~GTHc Z83 018_b

2x5 ~H ~GTHc Z83 018_c

2x6 ~H ~GTHc Z83 018_d

2x7 ~H ~GTHc Z83 019_a

2x8 ~H ~GTHc Z83 019_b

2x9 ~H ~GTHc Z83 020_a

2xa ~H ~GTHc Z83 020_b

2xb ~H ~GTHc Z83 020_c

2xc ~H ~GTHc Z83 021_a

2xd ~H ~GTHc Z83 021_b

2xe ~H ~GTHc Z83 021_c

2xf ~H ~GTHc Z83 021_d

2xg ~H ~GTHc Z83 021_e

2xh ~H ~GTHc Z83 022_a

2xi ~H ~GTHc Z83 022_b

2xj ~H ~GTHc Z83 022_c

2xk ~H ~GTHc Z83 022_d

2xl ~H ~GTHc Z83 023_a

2xm ~H ~GTHc Z83 023_b

2xn ~H ~GTHc Z83 023_c

2xo ~H ~GTHc Z83 023_d

2xp ~H ~GTHc Z83 023_e

2xq ~H ~GTHc Z83 023_f

2xr ~H ~GTHc Z83 024_a

2xs ~H ~GTHc Z83 024_b

2xt ~H ~GTHc Z83 024_c

2xu ~H ~GTHc Z83 024_d

2xv ~H ~GTHc Z83 024_e

2xw ~H ~GTHc Z83 025_a

2xx ~H ~GTHc Z83 025_b

2xy ~H ~GTHc Z83 025_c

2xz ~H ~GTHc Z83 025_d

2y0 ~H ~GTHc Z83 025_e

2y1 ~H ~GTHc Z83 025_f

2y2 ~H ~GTHc Z83 026_a

2y3 ~H ~GTHc Z83 026_b

2y4 ~H ~GTHc Z83 027_a

2y5 ~H ~GTHc Z83 027_b

2y6 ~H ~GTHc Z83 030

2y7 ~H ~GTHc Z83 031

2y8 ~H ~GTHc Z83 032

2y9 ~H ~GTHc Z83 033

2ya ~H ~GTHc Z83 034

2yb ~H ~GTHc Z83 035

2yc ~H ~GTHc Z83 036_a

2yd ~H ~GTHc Z83 036_b

2ye ~H ~GTHc Z83 036_c

2yf ~H ~GTHc Z83 036_d

2yg ~H ~GTHc Z83 037

2yh ~H ~GTHc Z83 038

2yi ~H ~GTHc Z83 040

2yj ~H ~GTHc Z83 041

2yk ~H ~GTHc Z83 042

2yl ~H ~GTHc Z83 043

2ym ~H ~GTHc Z83 044_a

2yn ~H ~GTHc Z83 044_b

2yo ~H ~GTHc Z83 045_a

2yp ~H ~GTHc Z83 045_b

2yq ~H ~GTHc Z83 046_a

2yr ~H ~GTHc Z83 046_b

2ys ~H ~GTHc Z83 047_a

2yt ~H ~GTHc Z83 047_b

2yu ~H ~GTHc Z83 048

2yv ~H ~GTHc Z83 049

2yw ~H ~GTHc Z83 050

2yx ~H ~GTHc Z83 051

2yy ~H ~GTHc Z83 052

2yz ~H ~GTHc Z83 053

2z0 ~H ~GTHc Z83 054

2z1 ~H ~GTHc Z83 055

2z2 ~H ~GTHc Z83 056

2z3 ~H ~GTHc Z83 057

2z4 ~H ~GTHc Z83 058_a

2z5 ~H ~GTHc Z83 058_b

2z6 ~H ~GTHc Z83 058_c

2z7 ~H ~GTHc Z83 058_d

2z8 ~H ~GTHc Z83 059_a

2z9 ~H ~GTHc Z83 059_b

2za ~H ~GTHc Z83 059_c

2zb ~H ~GTHc Z83 059_d

2zc ~H ~GTHc Z83 060_a

2zd ~H ~GTHc Z83 060_b

2ze ~H ~GTHc Z83 060_c

2zf ~H ~GTHc Z83 060_d

2zg ~H ~GTHc Z83 060_e

2zh ~H ~GTHc Z83 061

2zi ~H ~GTHc Z83 062

2zj ~H ~GTHc Z83 063

2zk ~H ~GTHc Z83 064

2zl ~H ~GTHc Z83 065_a

2zm ~H ~GTHc Z83 065_b

2zn ~H ~GTHc Z83 065_c

2zo ~H ~GTHc Z83 066_a

2zp ~H ~GTHc Z83 066_b

2zq ~H ~GTHc Z83 066_c

2zr ~H ~GTHc Z83 067_a

2zs ~H ~GTHc Z83 067_b

2zt ~H ~GTHc Z83 068_a

2zu ~H ~GTHc Z83 068_b

2zv ~H ~GTHc Z83 068_c

2zw ~H ~GTHc Z83 069_a

2zx ~H ~GTHc Z83 069_b

2zy ~H ~GTHc Z83 069_c

2zz ~H ~GTHc Z83 069_d

300 ~H ~GTHc Z83 069_e

301 ~H ~GTHc Z83 070_a

302 ~H ~GTHc Z83 070_b

303 ~H ~GTHc Z83 070_c

304 ~H ~GTHc Z83 070_d

305 ~H ~GTHc Z83 070_e

306 ~H ~GTHc Z83 070_f

307 ~H ~GTHc Z83 072_a

308 ~H ~GTHc Z83 072_b

309 ~H ~GTHc Z83 072_c

30a ~H ~GTHc Z83 072_d

30b ~H ~GTHc Z83 072_e

30c ~H ~GTHc Z83 072_f

30d ~H ~GTHc Z83 073_a

30e ~H ~GTHc Z83 073_b

30f ~H ~GTHc Z83 073_d

30g ~H ~GTHc Z83 073_e

30h ~H ~GTHc Z83 073_f

30i ~H ~GTHc Z83 074_a

30j ~H ~GTHc Z83 074_b

30k ~H ~GTHc Z83 074_c

30l ~H ~GTHc Z83 074_d

30m ~H ~GTHc Z83 074_e

30n ~H ~GTHc Z83 074_f

30o ~H ~GTHc Z83 075_a

30p ~H ~GTHc Z83 075_b

30q ~H ~GTHc Z83 075_c

30r ~H ~GTHc Z83 075_d

30s ~H ~GTHc Z83 075_e

30t ~H ~GTHc Z83 079_a

30u ~H ~GTHc Z83 079_b

30v ~H ~GTHc Z83 079_c

30w ~H ~GTHc Z83 079_d

30x ~H ~GTHc Z83 080_a

30y ~H ~GTHc Z83 080_b

30z ~H ~GTHc Z83 080_c

310 ~H ~GTHc Z83 080_d

311 ~H ~GTHc Z83 081_a

312 ~H ~GTHc Z83 081_b

313 ~H ~GTHc Z83 081_c

314 ~H ~GTHc Z83 081_d

315 ~H ~GTHc Z83 082_a

316 ~H ~GTHc Z83 082_b

317 ~H ~GTHc Z83 082_c

318 ~H ~GTHc Z83 082_d

319 ~H ~GTHc Z83 082_e

31a ~H ~GTHc Z83 084

31b ~H ~GTHc Z83 085_a

31c ~H ~GTHc Z83 085_b

31d ~H ~GTHc Z83 085_c

31e ~H ~GTHc Z83 085_d

31f ~H ~GTHc Z83 085_e

31g ~H ~GTHc Z83 087_a

31h ~H ~GTHc Z83 087_b

31i ~H ~GTHc Z83 087_c

31j ~H ~GTHc Z83 087_d

31k ~H ~GTHc Z83 087_e

31l ~H ~GTHc Z83 087_f

31m ~H ~GTHc Z83 089

31n ~H ~GTHc Z83 090

31o ~H ~GTHc Z83 091

31p ~H ~GTHc Z83 092

31q ~H ~GTHc Z83 093_a

31r ~H ~GTHc Z83 093_b

31s ~H ~GTHc Z83 093_c

31t ~H ~GTHc Z83 093_d

31u ~H ~GTHc Z83 093_e

31v ~H ~GTHc Z83 093_f

31w ~H ~GTHc Z83 093_g

31x ~H ~GTHc Z83 095_a

31y ~H ~GTHc Z83 095_b

31z ~H ~GTHc Z83 095_c

320 ~H ~GTHc Z83 095_d

321 ~H ~GTHc Z83 095_e

322 ~H ~GTHc Z83 095_f

323 ~H ~GTHc Z83 096_a

324 ~H ~GTHc Z83 096_b

325 ~H ~GTHc Z83 096_c

326 ~H ~GTHc Z83 096_d

327 ~H ~GTHc Z83 096_e

328 ~H ~GTHc Z83 096_f

329 ~H ~GTHc Z83 096_g

32a ~H ~GTHc Z83 098_a

32b ~H ~GTHc Z83 098_b

32c ~H ~GTHc Z83 098_c

32d ~H ~GTHc Z83 098_d

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