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The numbers beside the links below indicate the quantity of images.

Gay documents : 403 Gd
Gay undated photos : 162 Gpu
Gay photos sorted by date : 109 Gps
Hale documents : 517 Hd
Hale undated photos : 974 Hpu
Hale photos sorted by date : 320 Hps
George Hale photos (Some are low resolution or watermarked.) : 834 GH
George Hale photos 2 (2013 scans. Low resolution) : 359 GH2
George Hale private photos (Please open our G.H. private address.) : 646 GHp
George Hale New England area postcards : 181 GHc
George Hale albums from Tom Hale : 166 GTH
George Hale albums from Tom Hale cropped : 232 GTHc

Above each image is a 3 character filename(.jpg); ~tag(s); 3 character original path code; and original source filename(.jpg).
Image tags begin with the '~' character and presently include :
~F=Fish ~G=Gay ~H=Hale ~PHa=Pam_Hale_album ~GH=George_Hale ~GHc=George_Hale_postcard ~GHp=George_Hale_private
~GTH=George_Hale_via_Tom_Hale ~GTHc=George_Hale_via_Tom_Hale_cropped
~d=document ~2013=date of image. Sometimes underscores are used indicating uncertainty or a range of dates within a group of photos.

George Hale albums from Tom Hale :
2c0 ~H ~GTH Z65 002

2c1 ~H ~GTH Z65 003

2c2 ~H ~GTH Z65 004

2c3 ~H ~GTH Z65 005

2c4 ~H ~GTH Z65 005b

2c5 ~H ~GTH Z65 006

2c6 ~H ~GTH Z65 007

2c7 ~H ~GTH Z65 007a

2c8 ~H ~GTH Z65 008

2c9 ~H ~GTH Z65 009

2ca ~H ~GTH Z65 010

2cb ~H ~GTH Z65 011

2cc ~H ~GTH Z65 012

2cd ~H ~GTH Z65 013

2ce ~H ~GTH Z65 015

2cf ~H ~GTH Z65 016

2cg ~H ~GTH Z65 017

2ch ~H ~GTH Z65 018

2ci ~H ~GTH Z65 019

2cj ~H ~GTH Z65 020

2ck ~H ~GTH Z65 020000

2cl ~H ~GTH Z65 020001

2cm ~H ~GTH Z65 020002

2cn ~H ~GTH Z65 020003

2co ~H ~GTH Z65 020004

2cp ~H ~GTH Z65 020005

2cq ~H ~GTH Z65 020006

2cr ~H ~GTH Z65 020007

2cs ~H ~GTH Z65 020008

2ct ~H ~GTH Z65 020009

2cu ~H ~GTH Z65 020010

2cv ~H ~GTH Z65 020011

2cw ~H ~GTH Z65 020012

2cx ~H ~GTH Z65 020013

2cy ~H ~GTH Z65 020014

2cz ~H ~GTH Z65 020015

2d0 ~H ~GTH Z65 020016

2d1 ~H ~GTH Z65 020017

2d2 ~H ~GTH Z65 020018

2d3 ~H ~GTH Z65 020019

2d4 ~H ~GTH Z65 020020

2d5 ~H ~GTH Z65 020021

2d6 ~H ~GTH Z65 020022

2d7 ~H ~GTH Z65 020023

2d8 ~H ~GTH Z65 020024

2d9 ~H ~GTH Z65 020025

2da ~H ~GTH Z65 020026

2db ~H ~GTH Z65 020027

2dc ~H ~GTH Z65 020028

2dd ~H ~GTH Z65 020029

2de ~H ~GTH Z65 020030

2df ~H ~GTH Z65 020031

2dg ~H ~GTH Z65 020032

2dh ~H ~GTH Z65 020033

2di ~H ~GTH Z65 020034

2dj ~H ~GTH Z65 020035

2dk ~H ~GTH Z65 020036

2dl ~H ~GTH Z65 020037

2dm ~H ~GTH Z65 020038

2dn ~H ~GTH Z65 020039

2do ~H ~GTH Z65 020040

2dp ~H ~GTH Z65 020041

2dq ~H ~GTH Z65 020042

2dr ~H ~GTH Z65 020043

2ds ~H ~GTH Z65 020044

2dt ~H ~GTH Z65 020045

2du ~H ~GTH Z65 020046

2dv ~H ~GTH Z65 020047

2dw ~H ~GTH Z65 020048

2dx ~H ~GTH Z65 020049

2dy ~H ~GTH Z65 020050

2dz ~H ~GTH Z65 020051

2e0 ~H ~GTH Z65 020052

2e1 ~H ~GTH Z65 020053

2e2 ~H ~GTH Z65 020054

2e3 ~H ~GTH Z65 020055

2e4 ~H ~GTH Z65 020056

2e5 ~H ~GTH Z65 020057

2e6 ~H ~GTH Z65 020058

2e7 ~H ~GTH Z65 020059

2e8 ~H ~GTH Z65 020060

2e9 ~H ~GTH Z65 020061

2ea ~H ~GTH Z65 020062

2eb ~H ~GTH Z65 020063

2ec ~H ~GTH Z65 020064

2ed ~H ~GTH Z65 020065

2ee ~H ~GTH Z65 020066

2ef ~H ~GTH Z65 020067

2eg ~H ~GTH Z65 020068

2eh ~H ~GTH Z65 021

2ei ~H ~GTH Z65 022

2ej ~H ~GTH Z65 023

2ek ~H ~GTH Z65 024

2el ~H ~GTH Z65 025

2em ~H ~GTH Z65 026

2en ~H ~GTH Z65 027

2eo ~H ~GTH Z65 030

2ep ~H ~GTH Z65 031

2eq ~H ~GTH Z65 032

2er ~H ~GTH Z65 033

2es ~H ~GTH Z65 034

2et ~H ~GTH Z65 035

2eu ~H ~GTH Z65 036

2ev ~H ~GTH Z65 037

2ew ~H ~GTH Z65 038

2ex ~H ~GTH Z65 039

2ey ~H ~GTH Z65 040

2ez ~H ~GTH Z65 041

2f0 ~H ~GTH Z65 042

2f1 ~H ~GTH Z65 043

2f2 ~H ~GTH Z65 044

2f3 ~H ~GTH Z65 045

2f4 ~H ~GTH Z65 046

2f5 ~H ~GTH Z65 047

2f6 ~H ~GTH Z65 048

2f7 ~H ~GTH Z65 049

2f8 ~H ~GTH Z65 050

2f9 ~H ~GTH Z65 051

2fa ~H ~GTH Z65 052

2fb ~H ~GTH Z65 053

2fc ~H ~GTH Z65 054

2fd ~H ~GTH Z65 055

2fe ~H ~GTH Z65 056

2ff ~H ~GTH Z65 057

2fg ~H ~GTH Z65 058

2fh ~H ~GTH Z65 059

2fi ~H ~GTH Z65 060

2fj ~H ~GTH Z65 061

2fk ~H ~GTH Z65 062

2fl ~H ~GTH Z65 063

2fm ~H ~GTH Z65 064

2fn ~H ~GTH Z65 065

2fo ~H ~GTH Z65 066

2fp ~H ~GTH Z65 067

2fq ~H ~GTH Z65 068

2fr ~H ~GTH Z65 069

2fs ~H ~GTH Z65 070

2ft ~H ~GTH Z65 071

2fu ~H ~GTH Z65 072

2fv ~H ~GTH Z65 073

2fw ~H ~GTH Z65 074

2fx ~H ~GTH Z65 075

2fy ~H ~GTH Z65 076

2fz ~H ~GTH Z65 077

2g0 ~H ~GTH Z65 078

2g1 ~H ~GTH Z65 079

2g2 ~H ~GTH Z65 080

2g3 ~H ~GTH Z65 081

2g4 ~H ~GTH Z65 082

2g5 ~H ~GTH Z65 083

2g6 ~H ~GTH Z65 084

2g7 ~H ~GTH Z65 085

2g8 ~H ~GTH Z65 086

2g9 ~H ~GTH Z65 087

2ga ~H ~GTH Z65 088

2gb ~H ~GTH Z65 089

2gc ~H ~GTH Z65 090

2gd ~H ~GTH Z65 091

2ge ~H ~GTH Z65 092

2gf ~H ~GTH Z65 093

2gg ~H ~GTH Z65 094

2gh ~H ~GTH Z65 095

2gi ~H ~GTH Z65 096

2gj ~H ~GTH Z65 097

2gk ~H ~GTH Z65 098

2gl ~H ~GTH Z65 Tom2010

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