Some Gay and Hale family images from
the Roberts Family Tree  and / or Deborah Thompson.
See the title filenames above each image.    

PLEASE, if you are 'young' enough to recognize any unidintified people or make corrections to given
(or guessed) names, let me know so I can forward the information to Deb.    Thanks !

There have been some name responses regarding these images.  
The comments were added below the filename preceded by a '%' character in case you want to search for these comments.

An asterisk (*) indicates that this image came from the
Roberts Family Tree on     (Sept 14, 2012)
Many pictures are currently low resolution.   [There are more images to place here...]

The top eight pictures were received from Deb.  (~ 9/16/2012) :








T325_Unknown Group.jpg

% The man could be a Stanley ? (9/16/2012 Doris Hale)

% The man could be a Stanley ? (9/16/2012 Doris Hale)

% pix 216 IS DEFINITELY CHARLES R.E. GAY. ON MOTORCYCLE.  (9/16/2012 Nancy Roberts)

% possibly Athelyn or Cynthia Thompson on the right? Other: a Stanley ? (9/16/2012 Doris Hale)

% Stanleys? (different porch) (9/16/2012 Doris Hale)

villa_thompson_gay.jpg  *

villa_and_boy.jpg  *
% on top of Mt Keasarge? -- might be a girl - dress? (9/16/2012 Doris Hale)

villa_and_charles_gay.jpg  *

villa_thompson.jpg  *

villa_with_friend.jpg  *

athelyn_and_charles_gay.jpg  *

charles_gay_1919.jpg  *
% What uniform was Grampa C. Gay wearing? (Sheriff's Posse? lol) (9/16/2012 Doris Hale)

charles_gay_1919_2.jpg  *

charles_gay_and_athelyn.jpg  *

charles_gay_and_boy_on_rock.jpg  *

will_n_charles_g_villa_athelyn_unknown_maybe_john_n.jpg  *
% I'm inclined to believe that Grampa Chas. Gay is the one to  the FAR RIGHT.    1918   (I don't know who Will is.) (9/16/2012 Doris Hale)

charlie_gay-_don_gay_r_dick_wiggins_l_indian_rock_hole.jpg  *
% U. Don is on right. (9/16/2012 Doris Hale)

family.jpg  *
L-R: Burt Gay; Charles Gay; Van Denman Thompson, Jr; Donald Gay; Gilbert Wiggins; Rowland Wiggins, Richard Wiggins; Doris Thompson Wiggins; Kathleen Gay; Villa Thompson Gay; Cynthia Thompson; Eulamai Bogle Thompson; Lynnwod Thompson; Winston Thompson; Gwendolyn Thompson; Patience Thompson

john_nelson-ellen-villa-callie-vdt-burt.jpg  *

van_burt_callie_villa_thompson_ca_1893.jpg  *

lucy_legacy_blood_and_her_daughters_1918.jpg  *

lucy_and_her_daughters_again.jpg  *

gertrude_florence_blood_-_school_picture.jpg  *

arthur_thomas_hales_5_sons.jpg  *
% (this) shows Howard sitting in my dad's lap, not Grampa's lap, if I'm not mistaken. (9/16/2012 Barry Hale)
% Barry's right... That is 5 brothers (with Ralph holding Howard)[after Irma died]     (9/16/2012 Doris Hale)