Arduino  Android  Projects

June 2015 - Below, Vance is using an Android phone with a BlueTooth Joystick BT Commander app
to drive
Layton hanging on to the DMV (Dual Motor Vehicle).    This joystick app works similar to an
app I made but this app can be configured more easily.   The DMV computer chip is an
Arduino Micro
which drives relays and MOSFET switches for the two independent rear wheels.
Besides controlling acceleration and steering for the DMV, the cell phone joystick app can configure 
Arduino settings to 1) Limit power for beginners  2) Compensate steering sensitivity
(in case nobody or a light person is on board)  3) Bypass the throttle switch.

Throttle use is required when the DMV is controlled strictly by the two knobs below the seat.  
(Ryan is driving the DMV by two knobs in the picture above and video below.)  

The on board Arduino code automaticly detects which method the DMV will be driven by :
1) driven by knobs below the seat  (Which I may convert to levers, like many ZTR lawnmowers.)
2) controlled by my Collin joystick like Bluetooth app  
3) controlled by my app utilizing Android orientation (Not very usable when the cell is onboard !)
4) controlled by the BlueTooth Joystick BT Commander app

Below, Ryan is driving the DMV by turning two knobs below the seat.
Each knob controls the respective motors.