Calculation of Lat long coordinates which correspond to the New London survey, etc., is based on:

1) 1980 boundary survey description (footage and degree bearings). See 20160505161313051.pdf

2) GPS measurement of the NE corner on 04-OCT-08 1:37:42PM    18 T 741209 4812568    1267 ft    (From Garmin GPS)

2) A "UTMsrc.txt" was created that contains text lines of the following information :
    comment lines                          !     (All lines which begin with an exclamation mark.)
    magnetic declination New London        Dec=19.083
    east  ([Northwest] start point)        Eas=741209
    north ([Northwest] start point)        Nor=4812568
    output format information              Out=1f9           (A hexadecimal value not explained here.)
    survey information (27 lines)          01 S 70 48 E   372.6
3) A "UTM.c" program was created which reads the "UTMsrc.txt" data, processes successive UTM coordinates, and
   prints or saves a file of the results.  A typical "UTMoutG4.txt" file is output.

4) The UTM coordinates from "UTMoutG4.txt" were translated to lat long coordinates by
   The lat long boundary coordinates are listed in       g1.txt .  <<<

5) The lat long coordinates were input to  in order to display the points on Google Earth.
   One Google Earth result is here: 20160506214657-43175-map.html .
   Notes -

    I do not currently recall why I chose to use UTM coordinates back in 2008. 
        (Simpler code? Do UTM computations yield more accurate results?)
    If time permits, I should see if I could include conversion from UTM to lat/long in my UTM.c program.
    I have read that Google Earth can be off by more than 10 meters.
    Magnetic declinations change over time. If the declination is tweaked for the actual New London conditions
        during the survey in 1980, possibly there could be some improvements.
    Also, to compensate for my hand held Garmin GPS error, the start point can be tweaked.

    The Google Earth results here show a number of things.
        1. The Northwest corner is opposite High Pine Lane.
        2. The property frontage is parallel with Newport Road.
        3. The Northeast corner is very close to 575 NEWPORT ROAD driveway.
        4. Two of the four metal pipe locations on the sothern border do coincide with the property on
                Gay Farm Road that was clear cut. (Clear cut around 2005 ?)