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May  2016   Added Don Gay military records‏.

Jan. 2016   Added  a video of Ryan on 'The Five' which was replayed on Fox News for New Year's eve.  
                    (We were very lucky to visit Fox News on Nov. 18 2015.)

Sept. 2015   Added Aunt Kay's 95th birthday celebration !!   (9/12/2015 -  Added 12 photos.)

June 2015   Added a beginning of Arduino - Android  Projects page featuring videos of our grandkids.
Oct. 2013   Added George Hale photos 2.    Please select a link for browsing ...  
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The numbers beside the links below indicate the quantity of images. 

Gay documents : 403 Gd
Gay undated photos : 162 Gpu
Gay photos sorted by date : 109 Gps
Hale documents : 517 Hd
Hale undated photos : 974 Hpu
Hale photos sorted by date : 320 Hps
George Hale photos (Some are low resolution or watermarked.) : 834 GH
George Hale photos 2 (2013 scans. Low resolution) : 359 GH2
George Hale private photos (Please open our G.H. private address.) : 646 GHp
George Hale New England area postcards : 181 GHc
George Hale albums from Tom Hale : 166 GTH
George Hale albums from Tom Hale cropped : 232 GTHc


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If any family member has an item(s) to add and share with others or have any suggestions please mail or email me.         
               (Al's page.)

Please  let me know if you are unable to view any of the documents.

Sept 2012     More images from Deborah Thompson.  (9/20/2012)

Sept 2012
    Some Gay and Hale family images from the Roberts Family Tree  and / or Deborah Thompson.
(Updated again on 9/16/2012.  More images and more comments.)

Sept 2012
    Martha Thompson's tin type book provided by Nancy Roberts.

Sept 2012     NOTICE:  Carol Parker (a family friend) has made great progress on a family tree for Nancy Roberts.  
This Roberts Family Tree is located on ancestry.com and includes both Hale and Gay family pictures images which I had not seen before.   Carol would like to share her tree with family relatives by sending an invitation to you if you request it.   (Unfortunately, I am NOT able to provide a functional link to this Tree.)    Interested family members - Please email me so I can reply to you with Carol's email address.   Then you can ask her for an invitation.   (For understandable reasons, Carol does not want her email address listed on line.)

(Ancestry.com is a 'for profit' website.   If you sign up as Carol's guest, it costs nothing to view her Tree, but there are email notifications from  ancestry.com.   These emails include new ancestry.com offers as well as notifications of updates that Carol provided on her
Roberts Family Tree.)

Carol Parker gave me permission to copy Hale & Gay family images she acquired for her 
Roberts Family Tree, so from time to time, I plan to place these family images on this site.     More Roberts Family Tree information and samples.


May 2012     Service pictures from Bud - Burt, Don, Kay, and Bud

                            Hale side  (Also see prior pages 
Hale History and CD 2005 - Hale)    
                            Gay side  
(Also see prior page  CD 2005 - Gay)

                     Arthur & Gertrude Hale  50th anniversary album.

New private  Hale unlinked photo albums by  George Hale.  
                            Please email me for the address.
(Also see prior  George Hale Album #01 [1920's Aviation] ,
                              Lake Sunapee pictures , and 
Claremont City Hall pictures )

Mar 2012    Susan Pinson's pictures that she wanted to share.

Dec  2011    Some recent articles regarding Uncle Burt from Bud Wiggins.

   Apr 15, 2010  Added scans of Nana's jingle bracelet.

 Apr 10, 2010   Burt Gay's  Purple Heart Award.  Scans and some pictures.

Feb 14, 2010   An Uncle Van (Van Denman Thompson) recording found on line.   
http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/look_inside/7443414/audio/39467  you can actually play his composition entitled
"Come, Ye Thankful People"  (Click on the title.)  A wonderful Thanksgiving composition - 

Aug 8, 2009 video. 
Peg Moore did a super job recording family events in August 2009 celebrating Burt Gay's
Purple Heart Award. 
(Attempting to get this more conveniently accessible with a built-in player and shorter files.  
Please check back, later for smaller file sizes.)

Peg's August video-  whole.AVI   495 MBytes !!    A large file, even for a high speed connection.

       Aug 8, 2009 ceremony honored NH POWs
                    who died in captivity during
WWII  and Korean wars.    NH Veterans Cemetery.

August  8,  2009  NH  Purple Heart Ceremony, etc :
Uncle Burt's lapel insignia   
                        Echo Taps recording
     (Uncle Burt Gay's trumpet.)      

Oct  1, 2009     Gay Family Pictures     (Hopefully, all Gay family pictures located on ONE page.)

Sep 23, 2009      History of New London    and   Tour of New London Alumnae Houses

Aug 28, 2009     Hudson Super-Six    Printed in 1922.

Aug 12, 2009     Claremont City Hall pictures  by  George Hale

Aug   4, 2009     Scanned some pictures of 1941 'Granite'   the UNH yearbook.   Aunt Kay & Uncle Burt pictures, etc.

Jul   17, 2009    Here's an article written by cousin Peter Stanley of New London
                         for The Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust   "Chatter"  newsletter.

The most significant portion of our Dec 2005 Hale CD is included on this web site.   
(Some of the Hale CD pictures have a large file size which  may take several seconds to
download on a dial-up connection.   If you need a CD let me know.)

Post Cards of the northeast U.S.  

Cottage Memories.    Thanks to all who contributed these texts by email !!

Birth dates.     (This has not been updated for sometime.)  

For simplicity new scans will be organized by album or source.
All of the George Hale picture collection on this web site will be watermarked.
(For family members who would like them, I'll email requested pictures without watermarks.)

Jun   8, 2009   Automobile Routes   Circa 1925  with New Hampshire illustrations.

Nov 25, 2008   Nana & Grandpa Gay's Orthostereograph (3-D) viewer    

Oct 31, 2008   Hale History     (Composed by Gertrude Blood Hale and Tom Hale.  Retyped by Kevin Hale.)

Oct 31, 2008   Jan's pictures     (Jan Tofferi gave these to me at Uncle Howie's Service.)

Oct 24, 2008   George Hale Album #01   (1920's Aviation  & Charles Lindbergh  with annotation)  

Oct 18, 2008   Ruth's pictures.   (Family gatherings ...)

Oct 18, 2008   Peg's & Doris' picture handouts.  

There are some Claremont videos that may be of interest.
Here are links to these videos:   (A high speed Internet is recommended.)

Claremont, NH... Small City Reborn, Pt. 1
           Claremont, NH... Small City Reborn, Pt. 2
           Claremont NH Mill District Part 1 - History
           Claremont NH Mill District Part 2 - Walking Tour
           Claremont NH Mill District Part 3
           Claremont NH Mill District Part 4


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